Dog Training


Personalized Training

We understand each dog is an individual and learns at a different pace. A rigorous schedule of daily interaction facilitates your dog’s motivation and learning process. When combined with our professional dog trainers’ ability to instill the principles of dog obedience through precision timing and consistency each day, your desired learning objectives are imparted to your dog at an accelerated rate.

Each dog begins by learning foundational behavior principles (either from “scratch” or as a thorough review). Then, through repetitions in different high-distraction environments, your dog builds the ability to generalize dog training concepts. The result is that your dog is obedient, attentive to you, and well-behaved during any activity, in any environment—at home or in public.


Training Service Details

- Group Classes: Obedience Beginner, Obedience Intermediate, Obedience Advanced. Puppy Kindergarten.

- Private Classes:  Obedience Beginner, Obedience Intermediate, Obedience Advanced. Puppy Kindergarten.

- Puppy Preschool: Puppy Age: 10 - 16 weeks

This class is to help you introduce your puppy to their first playmates. The class will begin and end with 10-15 minutes of puppy play time to provide proper socialization and good puppy manners. The trainer will provide important tips, basic skills, and activities to help you build a healthy bond with your puppy and discuss ways to avoid building fears for your puppy. Puppy parents will learn about positive reinforcement training and clicker training for their puppies. During this class, the puppy parent will learn how to introduce their puppy to “sit”."

- Puppy Kindergarten: Puppy Age: 17 weeks - 1year old

This class will continue to provide opportunities for your puppy to build healthy socialization skills and for you to learn how to build a strong bond with your puppy. A minimum of forty-five minutes of each class will be spent learning the basics of obedience training cues and skills.



- All group classes are $500, All private classes are $650. Puppy Preschool is $250.

Camp Training with Boarding : $2,112

Bootcamp Training  : $1,162